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Buildor® 5 SC

This is a termite control product that does not smell and not readily leached by the water.
Protection on the area treated as per the label is more than TEN years. It is available in various packs, convenient to the user.

Mona® Foliar Feed

This is an Organic Foliar Feed. Applied to most crops. Being aggressively adopted by farmers as a product of choice. It enhances the bioprocesses within the crop resulting to very high yields and assists the plant to withstand water stress.

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Gillan® N

This is a preventative as well as curative fungicide for Late Blight on Potatoes and Downey Mildew on Roses.


This are mycorrhizal fungi, used to breakdown the Organic matter in the soil, making it easy for the Plant to absorb the essential nutrients. Widely benefits farmers growing crops like Ornamentals, coffee, Tea, potatoes and other fruit crops. The yields are significantly increased and improves soil structure.

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This is an Organic disinfectant used in Public institutions. It does not stain the treated surface and has no smell. Does not corrode. Kills bacteria, fungi and some viruses.


Sweep-Away® is used to treat IR maize seeds to control Striga Weeds. It is season Long.

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