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Buildor 5 SC

Buildor® 5 SC Termiticide

This is a termite control product that does not smell and not readily leached by the water.
Protection on the area treated as per the label is more than TEN years. It is available in various packs, convenient to the user.

Mona 1L

Mona® Foliar Feed

This is an Organic Foliar Feed. Applied to most crops. Being aggressively adopted by farmers as a product of choice. It enhances the bioprocesses within the crop resulting to very high yields and assists the plant to withstand water stress.

Gillan N 500gms

Gillan® N Fungicide

This is a preventative as well as curative fungicide for Late Blight on Potatoes and Downey Mildew on Roses.

Mollo 14 gms

Mollo® Bio-Fertiilizer

These are mycorrhizal fungi, used to breakdown the Organic matter in the soil, making it easy for the Plant to absorb the essential nutrients. Widely benefits farmers growing crops like Ornamentals, coffee, Tea, potatoes and other fruit crops. The yields are significantly increased and improves soil structure.

Acre 1 Litre

Acre® Fertilizer

Acre Fertilizer enhances hardening of fruits against malacia – softening of tissue - in vegetables and fruits and thus extends their shelf life. Acre has the specialty to rapidly eliminate problems caused by element deficiency.

It leaves no residue or stain. Causes no residue problems because of pre-harvest application. Waiting time is 0 (zero) days. It has no adverse effects on bumblebees resulting from the application of Acre in areas (greenhouses and orchards) where bumblebees are used for pollination.

It is miscible with agricultural pesticides and fertilizers. Jar test is required before use.

Acre Plus 1L

Acre Plus® Fertilizer

Acre Plus is a Fertilizer designed specifically for vegetables, cereals and field crops.

Acre Plus increases photosynthesis in the plant while increasing its durability against adverse environmental conditions.

Acre Plus provides surprising results in vegetable cultivation as well as in cereal, potato and cotton production.

Acre Plus contains 3 forms of nitrogen and meets the nitrogen requirement of plants in a regular and balanced manner.

It leaves no residue or stain. Causes no residue problems because of pre-harvest application. Waiting time is 0 (zero) days. No adverse effects on bumblebees resulting from the application of Acre Plus in areas (greenhouses and orchards) where bumblebees are used for pollination.

Use of Acre Plus during zinc and herbicide applications has proven to be extremely effective and useful.

CoMo 250gms_edited.png

CoMo® Fertilizer

CoMo® is an NPK blended fertilizer containing 3% Nitrogen, 30% Phosphorous, 10.5%
Potassium, 3% Molybdenum, and 3% Boron plus Trace Elements, which make it a good flower
nutrient and enhancer, as well as fruit thickness and strength. It also lessens fruit fall, and
thus ensures good quality standard fruits.
The first application should be at the beginning of flowering, Second application should be
performed when 80% of the flower petals fall.
CoMo® plays an important role in increasing the yield and harvesting higher quality fruits when
applied on fruit trees.

MoPlus 1L

MoPlus® Fertilizer

MoPlus® contains 11 % of Potassium.
Foliar application is recommended most of the time.
MoPlus® is a transparent product that is designed to stick on leaves. MoPlus® greatly improve
the quality and size of rice yields.
If possible, MoPlus® should be used alone, If it has to be mixed with other pesticides or
FERTILIZERS (because of worker supply, weather conditions on the day of application, etc.),
after the FERTILIZER or agricultural pesticide or both are added in the spray tank, MoPlus®
should be diluted in a bucket with about 10 liters of water, and then should be added LAST in
the FERTILIZER/pesticide spray tank. It must not be mixed with calcium or copper

Tura SoA 1L.

Tura SoA® Fertilizer

Tura SoA® is a very powerful absorption enhancer, it contains 15% Nitrogen and 22% Sulphur.
it helps to dissolve and absorb Macro as well as Micro elements in soil and it reduces
Besides that, it is a great pH reducer. As it doesn’t contain Nitric Acid, burning and
convolution when used on roots.
It helps to unclog drip irrigation pipes to open and increases soil quality. Mixing 100 mLs of
Tura SoA® in 100 L water ensures water pH reducing by 1 unit. Thus, this is a multipurpose
product, both effective and economical.
In greenhouses and open fields, salinization occurs due to over-fertilization. This causes
productivity loss in cultivation. Soil starts to get droughty and loses fertility. Especially in
tomatoes, causes small fruits and also in other plants leading to growth deficiencies.
Flowering, tip, and fruit growth slows down.
The product does not crystallize even in very cold conditions. Thus it is completely used in a
homogenous manner. Absorbed fully by the plants.

Pathaway 5L.png


This is an Organic disinfectant used in Public institutions. It does not stain the treated surface and has no smell. Does not corrode. Kills bacteria, fungi and some viruses. Path-away can be used as a sanitizer

Stack of Boxes


Sweep-Away® is used to treat IR maize seeds to control Striga Weeds. It is season Long.

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